Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Haven't talked about the NFL in a while and there's been so much going on!

So I have to dedicate a little space here talking about my mans' poor Browns. DA was failing, he got replaced, Brady came out looking pretty solid, except he couldn't quite carry the whole team on his back, and Cribbs and Lewis were a little pissed thinking that "certain people" have a quitting sort of mindset. And then Romeo Crennel (Mr. I Look Like I'm All About Hugs) was all mad because they talked shit...even though it was true. *sigh*

Brett Favre cannot save the Jets and he is not the man. That is all.

Okay, I felt bad about Donovan McNabb before, and his semi-forced early retirement, but...I'm seeing now that he's kiiiiiinda a little bit of a bitch. Kinda. Wtf is going on with him anyway?

Michael Vick pleads guilty...LOL. I wonder whether or not anyone will pick him up to play. It does kind of suck for him that he's like, younger than me, and his career is prolly already over, just because he made a dumb ass mistake and fucked up. Then again, he made a dumb ass mistake and fucked up. I suppose it's fucked up as well that he doesn't get a second chance, when you have people going to jail for worse (*cough cough* all the Bengals) and yet they're still playing. Those god damned PETA people!

And last but not least, it's old news, but I finally have a little respect for T.O. He's still a douche canoe, but I guess he's all right. His little segment on Letterman was actually funny.

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