Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mad Props to the Flobots!

Yes Act X, if you're out there, as you may have noticed previously in this blog, I've made many a mention of them. ;)

So the Flobots were in town this week, namely yesterday, and I at the last minute realized I couldn't go to the show due to financial issues causing concert monies to be diverted to car repair funds. However, I did have my girl Gen and her man Matt go, because of course I had been talking about the Flobots to them for the last few months, trying to break them off with some knowledge. Gen and Matt are feeling the financial crisis, much like the rest of us, so I went ahead and burned them copies of Fight With Tools and Platypus. (I recently came across a copy of Platypus, and its just as good as Fight With Tools in different ways, I think...much like 36 Chambers is to Wu Tang, if you catch my drift.) They ended up going to the show, and Gen was talking it up today, I was so jealous, but of course I had seen them in July, so not TOO jealous. Her and I commiserated on the fact that probably the best part of the show was when they transition from "No W" into the beginning of "Killing in the Name Of" by Rage.

Check that out another venue they were at earlier this year...which just so happens to be in Hollywood DOWN THE GOD DAMNED STREET FROM ME, and ONE WEEK before I moved here. Argh!, when they did that at their Anaheim show in July...holy fuck, I went batshit crazy. I think anyone who knows me well enough knows my love for the Flobots, and my long time love for Rage. To see the Flobots do this, me it really was a Biggie moment..."It was all a dream..."

So she was telling me that you KNOW a show is good when:

- The Flobots were appearing with Matisyahu, who Gen and Matt actually really love, and have liked for some time now, before they had even heard of the Flobots. Gen and Matt were so satisfied with the Flobots performance that they actually left BEFORE MATISYAHU WAS EVEN DONE.
- She was talking to me about the concert afterwards with Matt, and then with me all day today, the day after the show! Her and I discussed yesterday how amazing their comic was. Which for her and I is also like a sort of wet dream, because we're both comic book nerds.
- After you leave the venue, you think of all the people that don't know about the Flobots, and urge them to make sure to catch a show when they can, and cop the album, and visit the site.

I had the same reaction in July when I saw 'em in Anaheim. I joined the Fight With Tools program and became a street team organizer the very next day. (Although, sadly, people in LA proper seem to have motivation but no follow through.)

One thing I wonder though...they performed together at the DNC this year (man, if I hadn't been having so many problems with work, you KNOW I would have been there, talk about a musical dream team for someone who loves rock music, truly loves hip hop, and considers herself socially conscious and active.) and I wondered if when they met RATM and Zach for the first time if they felt a little like Kanye said he did when he first hooked up with Dame and Jay. I also wondered how Zach felt about them using the "Killing in the Name Of" intro as an interlude in "No W". Was he flattered? Did he like it? Did he think it was cool? *sigh* So many unanswered questions.

And oh, one more reason to love the Flobots...they put me up on Hydrophonix inadvertently due to Pandora. What up, Jay!

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