Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Lazy Ass Movie Nerd Alert

Awright, awright, I said I'd keep writing in this damned blog and I will...I just wish I had like the voice recognition software that would do it for me. I have SO MUCH I want to talk about but then can't actually get around to sitting here and typing it out. A very good friend of mine (HIIIII STORMY!!!) thought - "I was starting to wonder if maybe you had gotten arrested in a celebratory riot after Obama got the election. >.>" I wish. Well not that I had gotten arrested, but that I had participated in a celebratory riot. Not enough of those, methinks.

Anyway, so here's...

The Lazy Ass Movie Nerd Alert

So, because I really wanna talk about a few things on the movie front, but because I'm ALSO lazy, and don't feel like doing shit lately (I'm behind in school, yet I'm writing in my blog, what does that tell you) I'm gonna do the Lazy Ass Movie Nerd Alert, with breakdowns on the topics I wanna talk about in a paragraph or less. Or more.

Movies I've Seen Lately:

In theaters: Rocknrolla

In a word - awesome. In two words - fucking awesome. Guy Ritchie finally got rid of Madonna (or the other way around, whichever, but the point is, its a good thing for him) and now can make good movies again that she doesn't have anything to do with. It's an all new Ritchie ensemble cast, with some unknowns and a couple interesting cast choices. Jeremy Piven and Luda made an interesting team, and Gerard Butler (MADNESS? THIS ISSSSS SPARTAAAAAAA!) was fucking great in what would ordinarily be Jason Statham's role. (Jeez, speaking of which, dude needs his career resurrected. They liken Ritchie to Tarantino, and Tarantino has a tendency to bring people's careers back, maybe they can do an actor exchange program and help dude out.) Tom Wilkinson was fucking great as the bad guy, and I forgot that he was British after seeing him in Michael Clayton (more on that later). The rest of the cast did amazingly well. Guy Ritchie himself came back to his Lock, Stock and Snatch glory days, writing an amazing script and directing with his usual style and panache and humor. Best part is, this may be a TRILOGY.

At home: Kung Fu Hustle/Michael Clayton

I put them together despite the disparity because they're both movies that I really really enjoyed when I saw them but kind of forgot how great they were. I re-watched them both recently, and one other thing that ties them together is just how important it is to LOVE not like, but LOVE what you decide to do with your life. Stephen Chow did it in Kung Fu Hustle, both with his character in the movie and also with himself IRL, and George Clooney figured out how important it was as Michael Clayton. Again, Tom Wilkinson was crazy, and did a very good job of it, but did we really need to see him totally taking off his clothes? Yeesh. Another thing, I didn't realize when I first saw Kung Fu Hustle the hilarity over the dance numbers that were so like West Side Story. The Axe Gangsters dance...LOL.

Movie News I Will Cut Myself Or Someone Else Over
Supposedly Variety reported a while back that Stephen Spielberg and Will Smith are collaborating on a new movie. *yawn* UNTIL I HEARD THE TITLE.



First of all, Will Smith look this god damned crazy?

Hmm...No. And sure, Will Smith can do fight scenes...but to capture the rawness of THIS scene?

The absolute genius is incredible - It's a one take, side scrolling fight scene that's so god damned raw, and so realistic. Dude gets beat on and gives out beatings...and STILL KEEPS fighting with a knife in his back. It brings me back to my old school Nintendo days of like Double Dragon and Contra. (And let's not forget Super Contra).

I can only hope that something amazing happens and Will Smith decides to do better by the movie than by his ego, and goes in as himself, and comes out as...SAMUEL L. JACKSON. Aww yeah!


One can only hope.

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  1. Super Contra made babies in Angola did that Oldboy news (but it also made me and everyone whose seen it and love it weep more than Larry on that 50 Cent reality show).