Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rednecks. Jesus Save Them. Quickly.

One morning when I was on my way to work last week, I was listening to NPR like I always do to find out what's going on in the world, and lately, to find out what part of Revelations we've come to. Anyway, they were interviewing Democrats that are on the fence about Obama. I was interested in what these people had to say, because I do want to know what their feelings are. I mean, how do you consider yourself a staunch Democrat that always votes Democrat, but yet are on the fence about your party's candidate? What other considerations are there?

Apparently that morning they were focusing on interviewing a couple people that are prominent Democrats in their community. Okay, sounds good so far. Then they said where exactly they were at. Virginia. In fact, semi-rural Virginia. I suddenly became a wee bit less interested in what they had to say. From what I've heard, anyone from the East Coast or the South is a wee bit leery of folks from Virginia and West Virginia. I don't know why, but I'm guessing people from those states are what might be called HELLA COUNTRY.

So. They started by talking to a man who was a Democrat as well, and in his office, which was full of Civil War memorabilia. Namely, CONFEDERATE memorabilia. Hmm. My desire to continue listening was waning. Nonetheless I was determined to hear what they had to say. I don't recall specifically what he said, but I was pleased to discover that he was articulate and sounded fairly reasonable in his objections to me.

Then they interviewed a Ms. Tina Graham. Who sounded as if she might have looked like this:

She sounded very countrified, and I do ordinarily like accents, but I feel like her accent just made what she had to say sound a little...less articulate and educated, and a bit more ig'nint. She stated she was on the fence about Obama because she was previously really rooting for Hillary. Okay, check. Got it. And then, she went on to say this: (Some of this is verbatim, and some paraphrasing, but you'll get the idea.)

"Now I'm not sure why I should vote for him, because before he was nominated, I never thought I was a racist...I mean, I went to college with black folk and all that...

But if I vote for him, and he becomes President, well then I feel like he's just gonna care about HIS people, and THEM, and THEIR needs and forget about everyone else."

I am now ashamed that I one time I considered myself a Democrat or someone with Democratic leanings. When I heard her say this I facepalmed while driving, and I didn't even swerve, which is a feat because I drive stick AND I was going uphill.

But here's what I want to know. From her. I mean, I know and everyone else knows that by "his people" she meant Black Americans and African Americans. But I still wanted to ask, "What do you MEAN by HIS PEOPLE? Earthlings? Homo Sapiens? Those of the male gender? Half Kenyan-half white men? Biracial individuals?" Phrases like "you people" or "his people" in this case just irritate the crap out of me. I cannot fucking STAND IT when people do this to me, its happened more times than I can count.

And honestly? He's HALF WHITE, people! He has a VERY WHITE (Tide with bleach, I say) VP candidate. If he's elected, Congress will still remain predominantly white men. So will his Cabinet. Is she totally unfamiliar with checks and balances and how they're supposed to work? Does she somehow think because of his color and ethnicity, all of Congress, his Cabinet, and the Supreme Court would catch some sort of psychological or mental Black Plague? Suddenly her world would be run by the "Negroes" and their sympathizers? What exactly is she AFRAID OF? Does she even know? That the minorities will take over and start raping and pillaging white folk everywhere and oppress them? Is she afraid of experiencing what minorities, especially including Native Americans, have been experiencing for the entire history of the United States?

This woman is nominally on "my side". And a registered voter. I'm afraid. Very afraid.

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  1. My brother and I just watched about 20 videos full of ignorant folks and racists making head scratching statements outside of and inside of McCain/Palin rallies across the country.

    The Obama monkey, the guy that screamed "Kill him!" when Obama was mentioned and the pic of the dude on the motorcycle with the shirt that said "Nigger please! It's a WHITE HOUSE. Were lowlights for me.

    Sometimes it makes me sad to think that we still have these kind of people living in America...anywhere in America.


    I'm actually gonna vote this time. That's big.