Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open Love Letter to Zack de la Rocha.

Dear Zack,

If I were single, I'd totally want you to have my kids. Yes, I said YOU have MY kids. I know at this moment in time its not exactly biologically possible, but if it were, would you? Or donate your genes of musical genius and angry righteous just cause activism?
Although now that I think about it, they'd prolly end up founding like, the Tan Panthers. (You know, brown and yellow...ha ha ha....)



So I said a long ass time ago that I'd actually review this EP:

My Shitty Ass Review on this EP is as follows:

Wild International:
This song kicks ass in every single god damned way. It's got smart, great lyrics, and has the killer drums and synths. It's a very strong single to start out with. My favorite excerpts of lyrics from this song are:

They say that in war
That truth
Be the first casualty

Power ain't full jackets
And clips
It's my ability
To define phenomenon
Raw Crenshaw '84
Boogie down before

I'm like a nail stuck
In the wrist
Of they Christmas
Don't need radio
To leave their family
A witness

In this era
Where DJs behave
Be paid to be slaves
We raid airwaves
To be sane
And what's raining
From the station
Cash fascination
Like living dead
Fed agents
Distract us fast
From a disaster's
Wrath for sure
Air war was flooded
Like the 9th ward
On the AM, on the AM
Turn and face them
Hatred and mayhem

Ocean View:
Starts out REAL strong and seems to be a commentary on today's society of fear. Again, his lyrics are brilliant.

Last Letter:
I'm too stupid/uneducated to understand this song. I fail. That is all.

If You Fear Dying:
Amazing. The chorus is SO GOD DAMNED TRUE:

Time is coming
Rising like the dawn of a red sun
If you fear dying then you're already dead

And also, talking of Ali Toure, one of the greatest guitarists of all time, by saying:

I'm in with the spirit of Ali Touré
As I target more heads than a priest on Ash Wednesday

One Day As A Lion:
Seems like a call to arms. It's very inspirational if you like his RATM stuff at all.

After dark my city's a fuse
After dark my city's a fuse
One day I say today we live as a lion

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  1. Yeah, I loved that EP. I played the shit out of it this Summer.