Monday, October 20, 2008

Hell Muthafuckin' Yeah!

As mentioned previously...Colin Powell has come forth to endorse Obama. I saw this story last night on the Wall Street Journal's site.

Thank God. He echoed a lot of the same sentiments I've been hearing out of educated people, both Democrats and Republicans alike, basically doubting the choice of Sarah Palin as the VP pick, as well as feeling that McCain's campaign has focused a bit too much on subjects and topics that don't really matter, as opposed to talking about the ones that DO matter. He also doesn't seem to be too amused on how far to the right the GOP has gone.

Despite the fact that he's a soldier, he's learned quite well how to speak very diplomatically. Likely from his experience as Secretary of State. (Speaking of Secretaries of State, I wonder if he facepalms whenever he sees Condoleeza Rice.) Ah, how can you not love this man? Obama, as usual said it best when speaking on the endorsement:

"This morning, a great soldier, a great statesman and a great American has endorsed our campaign to change America," he said.


  1. /Salute Powell
    Good to see someone of such merit stepping up to back Obama.

  2. I have one thing to say to that: