Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eva Mendes: Smokin' hot! Say what?

Who knew that she was actually hot in a way that appeals to me?? I sure as hell didn't.

It should be stated at this moment in time that the type of woman that appeals to me is the type that looks like a WOMAN. She's got to have that "je ne sais quoi", that womanly sex appeal. Not just be pretty, but shes got to have a "look". She's got to be shapely, not skinny, and have some character in her face, and a little bit of an attitude. And honestly, I could care less if she's got big breasts, as long as what she does have is shapely. I do like a nice, firm, perky bubble butt, but hey, we can't all live up to Sir Mixalot's standards.

However. I was informed by a friend the other day, that Eva Mendes had done some semi-nude photos for the Italian Vogue, and that I should really check them out. I wasn't too interested until he sent them to me and I actually opened them up. This friend of mine, I should note, is not into the skinny, Hollywood look himself, so I figured I'd give him (and her!) the benefit of the doubt and check out the pics.


That was my first thought. I'm a sucker for the pin up look, and also for the retro lingerie...from pretty much any era. (Well, except for the 80s, not much fashion-wise was looking good back then.) I was struck by the homage the photographer took to the JESUSCHRISTSOFUCKINGSEXY Sophia Loren.

And so here are the pics with my own silly commentary, along with comparisons to some great pics of Ms. Loren as well.

There's definitely something sexy about a woman with her shirt half off putting something in her mouth. Yes, I do have an oral fixation, I'm more than well aware of this.

Speaking of oral fixations, I think anyone who has one can appreciate a woman putting lipstick or lipgloss on.

I adore black and white pictures for some reason. They don't always work, but they do sort of convey some sort of mysteriousness and extra sex appeal to a picture somehow. Not to mention gloves and thigh-hi stockings are just plain hot in anyone's book. Plus her outfit seems sort of classic as if she could wear it to some sort of gala...provided the skirt were a wee bit longer.

What's great about this picture is that it could be a picture taken in the current era, with the right model, and it looks like she IS going to some sort of gala. Red is such a sexy color.

Man. I love waist cinchers and corsets when they're done right. Not in the goth way, but in the sexy classic way. And this works since you can see boobies too, plus garters and the always sexy thigh-his. Plus she's got this "I'm thinking about something, and it totally involves sex with you" look on her face.

Speaking of sexy looks and really got shots of tits...Sophia's got this far away, "I wish I were somewhere else, like naked on your bed" sort of look going. At least that's what I'd like to think she was thinking.

Man, again with the oral fixation. AND the corset. *fans myself*

What I saw in common with these two pictures is that both women seemed like they had looks on their faces that said something like, "I'm much too good for you. I don't know what you think YOU'RE looking at."

This picture from behind is just TOO amazing. I mean, her butt looks so bubbly...and the outfit, the stockings, she has a very nice back...

This picture makes me think, "Why hello there...*awkward cough* Do you, uh, need some help with that zipper? ...Or anything else?"

This one was like Eva was saying, "Oh...I was just finishing up getting ready, could you help me with this cinch in the back?" I've had to help girls with those before and I really need to think thoughts of my grandmother. Or baseball. Or golf.

Another one where it seems like she was sort of in the midst of getting ready. Although she looks a little unamused that whoever she's looking at sort of barged in at the wrong time. Or the right time. Whichever.

These last two say only three words to me. In both cases. And those three words are:

"Do me. Now."

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