Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comic Book News That Makes Me Sadface...

The Watchmen:
As far as I am aware, myself and several other of my friends are eagerly anticipating this movie...but I suspect that they didn't stay true to form and have now gone all Hollywood with it. Cinematical.com has commented that the original ending to the graphics novel has changed. I suspect since the ending entails the destruction of New York City, that it was scarapped due to sensitive feelings from 9/11. Gayed.

I don't much care about Thor, the manz does, but I thought Daniel Craig would have been cool. Eh, oh well.

Iron Man 2:
I was a little sad and dismayed that Terence Howard wasn't going to be in the second movie to play War Machine, BUT! DON CHEADLE signed on for it! Woot! I love him! I'm still ambivalent about Nick Fury being a black man but it helps they're going with Ultimate Avengers. Meh.

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  1. Terrance Dashon Howard was upset that his role was diminished in the film and many of his scenes hit the cutting room floor. Since he was getting a prominent feature in the sequel he asked for more money...Marvel said "Whateva man" and istead of offering Cheadle the role of The Falcon they had him replace Howard as War Machine in the sequel.

    I knew that they had to alter the end of Watchmen for a post 9/11 New York from jump. I'm REALLY still mad about "Wanted".