Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AZN PPL...We Hates Them, Preciousss!

Last Wednesday was not a good Azn PPL day for me in the least. There were two incidents that had me caught between a facepalm and punching them in the face, which could have had disastrous results for me had I thought about it for too long and become confused.

Incident #1:

So I decided I'd roll out of bed mad early that AM, throw on some sweats and take my ass into work early so I could leave earlier due to my anticipated trip to the Yay area (word to E-40) which is my hometown area. I had to fly out RIGHT after work so I was really hustling, especially since I hadn't finished packing. Which was a calamity to say the least, even for a relatively low maintenance female like myself. So I got to work at 7:30, figured I'd take a quick lunch, and be out at 3:30-4. During lunch I stopped by this joint I used to go to a lot to get some food, but I hadn't been there for a while. The lady who owns/manages it seemed happy to see me, remarked on the new fuschia streaks I have in my hair, and then said.

"Oh, are you PREGNANT or something?"


Better yet:


Who fucking asks that kind of question unless you're about 9 months pregnant and look like you're about to pop that shit out at any moment? Okay, so I know I gained some weight recently due to some health issues and medication drama, but...REALLY???

I replied, "Actually, no I'm not. But thanks." And walked out.

Incident #2:

So I'm now on the plane, and we're preparing for takeoff. This man right in front of me was speaking SOME Chinese dialect I couldn't place. It wasn't Cantonese, Mandarin, or Taiwanese. Somehow it was louder than Cantonese by about 9k1 and much more confrontational and angry sounding to boot. The steward asked him TWICE to please get off the phone, and from what I understood, seemed to be giving the same information about his flight about ten times in a row. (And NO, btw, I DO NOT speak and understand every Asian language out there just because I'm Asian either, you ig'nint jackasses out there) I understood the words "Southwest Airlines", "San Francisco", and "airport".

Anyhow, he FINALLY got off the god damned phone. He was quiet for the duration of the trip but the moment we landed TO THE NANOSECOND he got back on the damned phone having the same damn conversation with whoever. I swear I wanted to punch his little 5'3" ass the fuck out. And somehow, when we walked off the plane into the terminal, he ECHOED. I was so annoyed I finally had to almost run ahead because he was, of course, walking the same pace I was. And all that just so I'd be out of the radius of hearing him. That motherfucker made this lazy bitch run!

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