Thursday, October 23, 2008


So I was reading ESPN on my phone and my manz also told me about this story this morning. Talk about a candidate gettin' down and dirty with the people. I'm sorry, but this WAY WAY WAYYYYY outtrumps W. going to see a baseball game and drinking a beer. Eff that noise.

Obama going in with Rick Reilly on a fantasy football team??? WTF? Who's done that? Rick Reilly opens with:

"I have the absolute worst fantasy league football partner. Just try to get the guy to return a call. Or a text. You need a damn court order.

He's Barack Obama. And, yeah, I guess he's busy, but why was I the one who had to fly to Dayton, get frisked and have bomb dogs drool on my bags just so I could meet him getting off his tricked-out, chartered 757? He can't meet a guy halfway?

I asked each candidate to be my running mate for one week in a fantasy league, just to see what kind of president he'd make—how he'd handle decisions under pressure and balance a budget. (On's Gridiron Challenge, you get a mystical $50M to spend on a team.) Only Obama bit. We settled on the Week 6 games."

At this point I was this guy for REAL? I mean, I know it's on ESPN...but IS HE FOR REAL??

He continues:

"He is taller, grayer and quicker to laugh than I expected. Moves sort of like an athlete—cool and smooth. "Now, you're the expert," he began. "And I'll gladly be the junior partner in this, but I really think we should take Drew Brees. He could have a big week. Oakland's secondary is a wreck."

Ohhhh, so that's how it's going to be. "Well, I like Carson Palmer," I said. "He's due for a big week, plus he plays in Ohio and I figure that's a state you need, so …"

He looked at me like I'd stuck my elbow in his soup. "Man, this is more important than politics!" he insisted. "This is football!"

Dude. Dewd. DUUUUDE. Say what? Obama is DOWN for his shit if nothing else. But you gotta read the whole story for yourself. Rick Reilly is himself a very good, very entertaining writer. I enjoyed every word of his story.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OMG Midnight Club Los Angeles!

So yesterday morning I happened to tune in to Joe Escalante's morning show on Indie 103.1 and I was fortunate enough to sort of hear the tail end of an interview with a couple of representatives (I think their names were Laszlo and Adrian?) from Rockstar Games talking about Midnight Club: Los Angeles which was released yesterday. I've been a fan of Rockstar Games for a while, not to mention the Midnight Club franchise. (Okay yes, I also have been a fan of their GTA franchise as well.) I for one am going to do my best to buy it soon (low on the cashflow at the moment and all that) but I also expect it'll be sold out everywhere near me, so I'll most likely have to put it in my queue on Gamefly.

Anyhow, so I saw some of the trailers and screencaps from the game and as much as I love cars AND video games AND good graphics I think I needed a tissue for a private moment. The graphics are fucking amazing. Check these out - I only used screenshots and trailers of cars I actually want IRL, so you'll have to excuse me.

Here's the game trailer:

Here's MY favorite trailer: (read: OMGGGG LANCER EVOOOOO! I've been wanting one since the Evo 4. *sigh* One day.)

Of their official cars on the list, the ones I'm looking forward to the most are:

1975 Datsun 280Z

1999 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR

1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec

1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

And they have BIKES!!!! *faints*

Ducati 999R
Ducati Monster S4RS

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

I love Rockstar Games long taimz. WTB now.

A Rebel Without A Pause - Shut 'Em Down!

Karl Rove: Almost Arrested!

A upper class white woman, raging against the machine...who the fuck knew? In SF yesterday, an unnamed woman tried to arrest Karl Rove while he was at the annual convention of the Mortgage Bankers' Association. He's sitting there, minding his own business, looking like a smug fuck, shooting the shit with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell.

Then, DRAMA AT HIGH NOON! This shit was more entertaining that the week in the NFL! (Which I plan on recapping my amusement sometime this week, including my unholy glee at the possibility that Tom Brady may not play for 2 years. HA!)

Anyway up on the stage walks this random white lady, asking why there wasn't a woman on the panel, and then looking like she was going to introduce herself and shake hands, and out of NOWHERE, she busted out some handcuffs and tried to arrest Rove for treason.

Check it out here.

I don't know if this happened at the beginning or the end of the debate, but I would have done the same if not more if it were afterward. They're talking about the current credit crisis and the highlights of the debate were:

- Rove blaming everything on the Democrats, including deregulation that led to the subprime mortgage mess. "So the regulators in 2005 were the Republicans and the de-regulators, the anti-regulators, the let-them-do-anything-they-want crowd, were all Democrats, with all due respect," said Rove. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT MY ASS!

- Rove claiming that the Democrats were being too hardcore in their attacks on John McCain. He said: "Yesterday John Kerry your nominee of your party in 2004, stands up and said if John McCain was asked the question of whether he wears boxers or briefs his answer would be Depends. I think that is pretty much under the table and pretty nasty."



Mitchell looked like he wanted to say "Lolwut" to Rove, but instead he only said: "I have to say I feel like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, hearing you lecture about negative campaigning."


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comic Book News That Makes Me Sadface...

The Watchmen:
As far as I am aware, myself and several other of my friends are eagerly anticipating this movie...but I suspect that they didn't stay true to form and have now gone all Hollywood with it. has commented that the original ending to the graphics novel has changed. I suspect since the ending entails the destruction of New York City, that it was scarapped due to sensitive feelings from 9/11. Gayed.

I don't much care about Thor, the manz does, but I thought Daniel Craig would have been cool. Eh, oh well.

Iron Man 2:
I was a little sad and dismayed that Terence Howard wasn't going to be in the second movie to play War Machine, BUT! DON CHEADLE signed on for it! Woot! I love him! I'm still ambivalent about Nick Fury being a black man but it helps they're going with Ultimate Avengers. Meh.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fuck Mondays.

Well because both statements above are true, I found some interweb lulz so far that made me feel better. About people failing. And if you haven't been there yet, I suggest you check out I think there must be an adolescent boy stuck in me somewhere because I always find base humor really amusing.

Talk about juxtaposition failure.

Wow, the amazingness of that sign cannot be expressed in words at this time.

I think I'm retarded because I was ROLLING at the fact the ad said dick. HA HA YOU SAID DICK!

I recognize the characters. This company is run by my people. Engrish is hard.

Ha ha, surprise buttsecks jokes are always funny to me.

*channels Nelson from the Simpsons) HA HAAAAA! You're a TWAT!

Hell Muthafuckin' Yeah!

As mentioned previously...Colin Powell has come forth to endorse Obama. I saw this story last night on the Wall Street Journal's site.

Thank God. He echoed a lot of the same sentiments I've been hearing out of educated people, both Democrats and Republicans alike, basically doubting the choice of Sarah Palin as the VP pick, as well as feeling that McCain's campaign has focused a bit too much on subjects and topics that don't really matter, as opposed to talking about the ones that DO matter. He also doesn't seem to be too amused on how far to the right the GOP has gone.

Despite the fact that he's a soldier, he's learned quite well how to speak very diplomatically. Likely from his experience as Secretary of State. (Speaking of Secretaries of State, I wonder if he facepalms whenever he sees Condoleeza Rice.) Ah, how can you not love this man? Obama, as usual said it best when speaking on the endorsement:

"This morning, a great soldier, a great statesman and a great American has endorsed our campaign to change America," he said.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Colin Powell: You So Crazy

Prior to Obama coming on the scene, the only Republican AND the only Black politician I thought was a good presidential candidate was ^^ that guy.

Who knew he was so crazy though?

Anyway, I digress. I saw THIS headline on the Huffington Post today! AMGGGG!



Tuesday, October 14, 2008


...Devin Harris from the Nets got SERVED! And by a white boy in a V-neck sweater from England. Damn. Limey boy's got some jukes and swift moves. Word.

Open Love Letter to Zack de la Rocha.

Dear Zack,

If I were single, I'd totally want you to have my kids. Yes, I said YOU have MY kids. I know at this moment in time its not exactly biologically possible, but if it were, would you? Or donate your genes of musical genius and angry righteous just cause activism?
Although now that I think about it, they'd prolly end up founding like, the Tan Panthers. (You know, brown and yellow...ha ha ha....)



So I said a long ass time ago that I'd actually review this EP:

My Shitty Ass Review on this EP is as follows:

Wild International:
This song kicks ass in every single god damned way. It's got smart, great lyrics, and has the killer drums and synths. It's a very strong single to start out with. My favorite excerpts of lyrics from this song are:

They say that in war
That truth
Be the first casualty

Power ain't full jackets
And clips
It's my ability
To define phenomenon
Raw Crenshaw '84
Boogie down before

I'm like a nail stuck
In the wrist
Of they Christmas
Don't need radio
To leave their family
A witness

In this era
Where DJs behave
Be paid to be slaves
We raid airwaves
To be sane
And what's raining
From the station
Cash fascination
Like living dead
Fed agents
Distract us fast
From a disaster's
Wrath for sure
Air war was flooded
Like the 9th ward
On the AM, on the AM
Turn and face them
Hatred and mayhem

Ocean View:
Starts out REAL strong and seems to be a commentary on today's society of fear. Again, his lyrics are brilliant.

Last Letter:
I'm too stupid/uneducated to understand this song. I fail. That is all.

If You Fear Dying:
Amazing. The chorus is SO GOD DAMNED TRUE:

Time is coming
Rising like the dawn of a red sun
If you fear dying then you're already dead

And also, talking of Ali Toure, one of the greatest guitarists of all time, by saying:

I'm in with the spirit of Ali Touré
As I target more heads than a priest on Ash Wednesday

One Day As A Lion:
Seems like a call to arms. It's very inspirational if you like his RATM stuff at all.

After dark my city's a fuse
After dark my city's a fuse
One day I say today we live as a lion

AZN PPL...We Hates Them, Preciousss!

Last Wednesday was not a good Azn PPL day for me in the least. There were two incidents that had me caught between a facepalm and punching them in the face, which could have had disastrous results for me had I thought about it for too long and become confused.

Incident #1:

So I decided I'd roll out of bed mad early that AM, throw on some sweats and take my ass into work early so I could leave earlier due to my anticipated trip to the Yay area (word to E-40) which is my hometown area. I had to fly out RIGHT after work so I was really hustling, especially since I hadn't finished packing. Which was a calamity to say the least, even for a relatively low maintenance female like myself. So I got to work at 7:30, figured I'd take a quick lunch, and be out at 3:30-4. During lunch I stopped by this joint I used to go to a lot to get some food, but I hadn't been there for a while. The lady who owns/manages it seemed happy to see me, remarked on the new fuschia streaks I have in my hair, and then said.

"Oh, are you PREGNANT or something?"


Better yet:


Who fucking asks that kind of question unless you're about 9 months pregnant and look like you're about to pop that shit out at any moment? Okay, so I know I gained some weight recently due to some health issues and medication drama, but...REALLY???

I replied, "Actually, no I'm not. But thanks." And walked out.

Incident #2:

So I'm now on the plane, and we're preparing for takeoff. This man right in front of me was speaking SOME Chinese dialect I couldn't place. It wasn't Cantonese, Mandarin, or Taiwanese. Somehow it was louder than Cantonese by about 9k1 and much more confrontational and angry sounding to boot. The steward asked him TWICE to please get off the phone, and from what I understood, seemed to be giving the same information about his flight about ten times in a row. (And NO, btw, I DO NOT speak and understand every Asian language out there just because I'm Asian either, you ig'nint jackasses out there) I understood the words "Southwest Airlines", "San Francisco", and "airport".

Anyhow, he FINALLY got off the god damned phone. He was quiet for the duration of the trip but the moment we landed TO THE NANOSECOND he got back on the damned phone having the same damn conversation with whoever. I swear I wanted to punch his little 5'3" ass the fuck out. And somehow, when we walked off the plane into the terminal, he ECHOED. I was so annoyed I finally had to almost run ahead because he was, of course, walking the same pace I was. And all that just so I'd be out of the radius of hearing him. That motherfucker made this lazy bitch run!

Rednecks. Jesus Save Them. Quickly.

One morning when I was on my way to work last week, I was listening to NPR like I always do to find out what's going on in the world, and lately, to find out what part of Revelations we've come to. Anyway, they were interviewing Democrats that are on the fence about Obama. I was interested in what these people had to say, because I do want to know what their feelings are. I mean, how do you consider yourself a staunch Democrat that always votes Democrat, but yet are on the fence about your party's candidate? What other considerations are there?

Apparently that morning they were focusing on interviewing a couple people that are prominent Democrats in their community. Okay, sounds good so far. Then they said where exactly they were at. Virginia. In fact, semi-rural Virginia. I suddenly became a wee bit less interested in what they had to say. From what I've heard, anyone from the East Coast or the South is a wee bit leery of folks from Virginia and West Virginia. I don't know why, but I'm guessing people from those states are what might be called HELLA COUNTRY.

So. They started by talking to a man who was a Democrat as well, and in his office, which was full of Civil War memorabilia. Namely, CONFEDERATE memorabilia. Hmm. My desire to continue listening was waning. Nonetheless I was determined to hear what they had to say. I don't recall specifically what he said, but I was pleased to discover that he was articulate and sounded fairly reasonable in his objections to me.

Then they interviewed a Ms. Tina Graham. Who sounded as if she might have looked like this:

She sounded very countrified, and I do ordinarily like accents, but I feel like her accent just made what she had to say sound a little...less articulate and educated, and a bit more ig'nint. She stated she was on the fence about Obama because she was previously really rooting for Hillary. Okay, check. Got it. And then, she went on to say this: (Some of this is verbatim, and some paraphrasing, but you'll get the idea.)

"Now I'm not sure why I should vote for him, because before he was nominated, I never thought I was a racist...I mean, I went to college with black folk and all that...

But if I vote for him, and he becomes President, well then I feel like he's just gonna care about HIS people, and THEM, and THEIR needs and forget about everyone else."

I am now ashamed that I one time I considered myself a Democrat or someone with Democratic leanings. When I heard her say this I facepalmed while driving, and I didn't even swerve, which is a feat because I drive stick AND I was going uphill.

But here's what I want to know. From her. I mean, I know and everyone else knows that by "his people" she meant Black Americans and African Americans. But I still wanted to ask, "What do you MEAN by HIS PEOPLE? Earthlings? Homo Sapiens? Those of the male gender? Half Kenyan-half white men? Biracial individuals?" Phrases like "you people" or "his people" in this case just irritate the crap out of me. I cannot fucking STAND IT when people do this to me, its happened more times than I can count.

And honestly? He's HALF WHITE, people! He has a VERY WHITE (Tide with bleach, I say) VP candidate. If he's elected, Congress will still remain predominantly white men. So will his Cabinet. Is she totally unfamiliar with checks and balances and how they're supposed to work? Does she somehow think because of his color and ethnicity, all of Congress, his Cabinet, and the Supreme Court would catch some sort of psychological or mental Black Plague? Suddenly her world would be run by the "Negroes" and their sympathizers? What exactly is she AFRAID OF? Does she even know? That the minorities will take over and start raping and pillaging white folk everywhere and oppress them? Is she afraid of experiencing what minorities, especially including Native Americans, have been experiencing for the entire history of the United States?

This woman is nominally on "my side". And a registered voter. I'm afraid. Very afraid.


So as of last Wednesday, I had no internet access and no cell phone for 5 days. At first I panicked. I think I went through the whole loss cycle. But then I realized, hey...this isn't a bad thing! I was in SF for 5 days and neither of the hotels I was at had wifi that was in working condition. I didn't want to be on the phone with IT retards (Sorry baby, it's true when it comes to Macs) who wouldn't help me or know how to because I'm on a Macbook. So I read a lot. I actually walked around OUTSIDE! (Yes, I went outdoors IRL!) And I wrote a lot of posts for this blog in a journal. I felt quite the artfag.

And here come the posts!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Capitalism's Dark Side. No, Not Darkseid.

Capitalism has a very very dark side, full of anger and greed and hate. But do we want Empire Strikes Back...or Return of the Jedi? I vote for the latter. And I apologize on my inability to refrain from comments about Star Wars whenever anyone brings up the phrase: Dark Side. Even me.

Anyhow, this week in Adventures in Higher Learning entailed me giving a persuasive 15 minute speech to my class, about the topic of Capitalism. And here's what I said:

So I have a few questions for you, and think about whether or not these are questions you've been asking yourself lately too: Are we entering a recession or already in one? Are we headed for the Great Depression Part 2? Is the cost of living going to get even higher?

But when we're thinking of these things, when Bush is passing a $700 billion dollar financial bailout plan, we're thinking of the symptoms. None of us are really considering the real issue: our economic system, capitalism - which is one that quite honestly hasn't proven to be particularly efficient or successful. It's actually failed several times: in the US, currently and in the Depression, in Asia, currently and in the Asian financial crisis of the late 90s, and during the economic recession of Western capitalist countries in the early part of this decade.

So what is capitalism exactly? To define it, capitalism is the economic system in which the means of production are owned by private persons, and operated for profit and where investments, distribution, income, production and pricing of goods and services are predominantly determined through the operation of a free market, rather than by central economic planning. Technically, production of capital and assets are supposed to be governed by the free market, but unfortunately, what sounds like it might work on paper often fails in practice.

Not many people really consider what exactly capitalism means, or rather, what it means to them. A lot of people think that capitalism and democracy go hand in hand. But although they ARE associated, definitively they're totally independent of each other. Nominally we have a democratic government, and a capitalist economic system. We hear all the time that we live in a democratic society, but we really don't, we live in a capitalist society. The government we have is only one aspect of our society, especially when it comes to what we deal with in our lives on a daily basis. That's where the capitalist aspect of society comes in - which is really the predominant part. Democracy and capitalism can hardly go hand in hand when our economy isn't exactly democratic either. If it were it would mean that we all would have an equal say on how the resources were distributed, instead of now, where those who have the most capital (in this case, corporations) decide how everyone will work, plus they own most of the land and large portions of the media, so they also affect the ecological and psychological aspects of our environment.

What does this mean exactly? It means that the economic system in our society actually has more influence on our day-to-day lives than our government. It means that its economics that decides who has control over the capital, the resources, how they're used, and what people have to do every day to survive. And what does this mean to YOU more specifically? It means that your opportunities to work and earn money are controlled by corporations because it takes resources to make more resources, and not many of us when we graduate will actually have resources with which to build upon to make money with. So you're essentially at the mercy of those that do have those resources, because the only resource you have to use is that of your time and labor, which you have to sell in order to survive. But selling your time and labor to the highest bidder just reinforces their power, since as we all know, most of us are overworked and underpaid, because it's in a corporation's best interest to pay you as little as they can get away with. That's how they make money off of you and your labor. Of course, with our version of capitalism here in the United States, we all have the opportunity to “make it”, to succeed, to own our own business and make tons of money. But the problem with that is it’s just an opportunity. It’s a chance. And in the economy of today, October 2008, is that the little guy trying to take on big business has a very low chance of actually making it, any SBA loans from the government you could have gotten a few years ago to start a business are now funds being allocated towards all the big business that failed and needed that bailout.

This aspect of capitalism to me is the worst of all. Because most people spend their lives doing whatever pays the most instead of doing what they'd really like to be doing. You trade your time and labor for your dreams and material possessions. Sure you can buy stuff to make yourself feel better - what they now call retail therapy, but can you actually ever buy back the time you spent at work? No, and all you have to show for it is the bills you have to pay. Capitalism makes people value material things, rather than free thought and actions, and the ability to spend your time doing the things you want to do. So you focus on what you have, instead of what you do, and you spend your life competing for those things against other people like you in the workforce so you can survive and gain those status symbols.

And this is not to say that competition is a bad thing. It's not at all. The way capitalism has evolved, we're all competing in the free market and this does encourage productivity, but it rewards material productivity above everything else, which doesn't give corporations any reason to care about the environment and wildlife in the pursuit of making money. And since our competitive free market encourages this attitude, that just means that, in what's called "planned obsolescence" we get lesser quality products so we have to keep buying new ones to replace them. We don't get the products that are most relevant to our lives and our happiness, but the products that are easiest to sell and are the most profitable.

As a domino effect this also means that those corporations that do the best job of convincing us that we need their products make the most money. That's why Coca-Cola and Pepsi, who make essentially useless products, are so huge. They aren't successful because they made things that had some real value to society, or even by making the best tasting or healthiest drinks, but because they are the best at advertising their products.

Yes, there are a few people who get paid to do what they've always wanted to, and we're always told these stories to give us the false hope that one day we can be like them if we work really hard...and if we don't end up like them then that just means that you didn't work hard enough. Realistically though, we can't all be rock stars or professional athletes, because who would produce the records, and who would sell all those athlete's shoes? But let's say you end up one of those lucky people, sure, you made it, but do you really want to live in a world filled with disgruntled people who never got to live their dreams or maybe never even got to have any?

Donald Trump said it best: To be rich today is merely to own the largest number of meaningless objects - to possess the greatest amounts of poverty.

I personally believe that people would be happier overall in a society where they were encouraged to value their ability to really think and do what they want to do. But to get there we all need to stop competing against each other and work together and share the resources. We need to be truly free to choose the lives we want to live without being afraid of all the things we're afraid of now. We can't be subject to a dog eat dog mentality, to the cutthroat competition of corporate America, because that just encourages greed and selfishness. We need to embrace an economy that is based on each person being able to do what they want with their lives and offer others what he or she is most qualified to offer. Resources could be shared by everyone and exchanged, like fair trade, or a barter system, rather than hoarded by the privileged few. And I'm not advocating some idea of utopian communism per se; let’s take for example the Soviet Union's economy. Their practice of communism was in fact somewhat similar to Western capitalism, no matter what they might have thought about it. They too, ended up exploiting their workers and the environment. In their case however, the government controlled the resources exclusively. In Western capitalist societies, the corporations do. And the Soviet Union's competition was on a larger scale; they competed against other countries and governments instead of other people in the workforce. I will concede though that the one good thing about Western capitalism as opposed to communism is that while in Soviet Russia everyone worked for the government and was “equal”, in capitalist societies you still do have the chance to succeed individually, regardless of how small that chance may be.

Think about it. When you truly love someone and are loved by them, whether its a friend, a relative, or a significant other, you're valued for who you are, not what you're worth. You give and you're happy to do it, and happy to receive. Often it seems like you’re happier to give and spread some joy than to receive. Seems like we get more out of our personal equal exchange oriented relationships than out of a capitalist society in couldn't this private aspect of our lives be applied to society as a whole? When you live with roommates you get along with, don't you all share the responsibilities of cleaning and taking out the trash? Why do we need different classes and types of workforces, when all that does is just to enforce class differences? Why can't we provide for our own needs without being forced to by an outside authority? It's almost as if we're all just children that need to be told what to do and given “rules” to follow.

People might say that capitalism does work for some people, namely the rich and the corporations, but I think it’s in everyone's best interest, even them, to do away with it. After all, they only succeed by trying to stay ahead of the competition, and if they falter for a moment, then they get trampled under, too. Aren't freedom of thought and action worth more then material possessions, or shouldn't they be? It doesn’t seem they are, which means then our society is really in the depths of true poverty. We can’t see everyone else as part of a group, like the "masses" or the "workforce" or the "rich". The masses are made up of people. The workforce is YOU and your co-workers, your friends and families. The rich aren't any happier or living more worthwhile lives than anyone else. We need to start realizing that we’re all people, and that we need to work together to pursue our freedom.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eva Mendes: Smokin' hot! Say what?

Who knew that she was actually hot in a way that appeals to me?? I sure as hell didn't.

It should be stated at this moment in time that the type of woman that appeals to me is the type that looks like a WOMAN. She's got to have that "je ne sais quoi", that womanly sex appeal. Not just be pretty, but shes got to have a "look". She's got to be shapely, not skinny, and have some character in her face, and a little bit of an attitude. And honestly, I could care less if she's got big breasts, as long as what she does have is shapely. I do like a nice, firm, perky bubble butt, but hey, we can't all live up to Sir Mixalot's standards.

However. I was informed by a friend the other day, that Eva Mendes had done some semi-nude photos for the Italian Vogue, and that I should really check them out. I wasn't too interested until he sent them to me and I actually opened them up. This friend of mine, I should note, is not into the skinny, Hollywood look himself, so I figured I'd give him (and her!) the benefit of the doubt and check out the pics.


That was my first thought. I'm a sucker for the pin up look, and also for the retro lingerie...from pretty much any era. (Well, except for the 80s, not much fashion-wise was looking good back then.) I was struck by the homage the photographer took to the JESUSCHRISTSOFUCKINGSEXY Sophia Loren.

And so here are the pics with my own silly commentary, along with comparisons to some great pics of Ms. Loren as well.

There's definitely something sexy about a woman with her shirt half off putting something in her mouth. Yes, I do have an oral fixation, I'm more than well aware of this.

Speaking of oral fixations, I think anyone who has one can appreciate a woman putting lipstick or lipgloss on.

I adore black and white pictures for some reason. They don't always work, but they do sort of convey some sort of mysteriousness and extra sex appeal to a picture somehow. Not to mention gloves and thigh-hi stockings are just plain hot in anyone's book. Plus her outfit seems sort of classic as if she could wear it to some sort of gala...provided the skirt were a wee bit longer.

What's great about this picture is that it could be a picture taken in the current era, with the right model, and it looks like she IS going to some sort of gala. Red is such a sexy color.

Man. I love waist cinchers and corsets when they're done right. Not in the goth way, but in the sexy classic way. And this works since you can see boobies too, plus garters and the always sexy thigh-his. Plus she's got this "I'm thinking about something, and it totally involves sex with you" look on her face.

Speaking of sexy looks and really got shots of tits...Sophia's got this far away, "I wish I were somewhere else, like naked on your bed" sort of look going. At least that's what I'd like to think she was thinking.

Man, again with the oral fixation. AND the corset. *fans myself*

What I saw in common with these two pictures is that both women seemed like they had looks on their faces that said something like, "I'm much too good for you. I don't know what you think YOU'RE looking at."

This picture from behind is just TOO amazing. I mean, her butt looks so bubbly...and the outfit, the stockings, she has a very nice back...

This picture makes me think, "Why hello there...*awkward cough* Do you, uh, need some help with that zipper? ...Or anything else?"

This one was like Eva was saying, "Oh...I was just finishing up getting ready, could you help me with this cinch in the back?" I've had to help girls with those before and I really need to think thoughts of my grandmother. Or baseball. Or golf.

Another one where it seems like she was sort of in the midst of getting ready. Although she looks a little unamused that whoever she's looking at sort of barged in at the wrong time. Or the right time. Whichever.

These last two say only three words to me. In both cases. And those three words are:

"Do me. Now."