Friday, September 5, 2008

WTF with Detroit??

What's up with all kinds of madness going on in D-town these days? I guess I'm not pleasantly disposed towards Michigan and Detroit, since the manz is from Cleveland, and has ALL the hardcore rivalry with Detroit/Michigan State. But still, D-town is getting out of control over there. Is the high unemployment rate driving people crazy out there or what?

In NFL DRAWMUH news, I think its hilarious that Rudi Johnson says that Tatum Bell stole his luggage. It's awesome that the Gucci bags were returned to him minus cash, ID, cc's and clothes. Okay, I can see taking the first 3 out of spite (because I can be a spiteful bitch) but CLOTHES? Man, I wouldn't want someone else's clothes. You don't know what the fuck they were doing in them or on them or where those clothes have been! *shudders* And what if Rudi Johnson is as crazy as say, Charles Haley? For all you know Mr. Tatum Bell...there could be MANJIZZ ALL OVER THOSE CLOTHES. Tatum Bell says he ain't no thief, but apparently it was caught on tape. Its drama any way you slice it. Damn, and I thought only chicks held petty jealous grudges.

In Detroit politics news...Kwame Just, wow. That dude was SHADY as a motherfucker, and just doesn't even CARE. He was apparently a little defiant in court, shit talking under his breath, and smirking the whole time he was in court. Apparently he's totally unrepentant about breaking the law in a hardcore, very obvious way. That dude has some balls.


  1. Love the blog, Dioracat.

    Totally agree with you about Mayor Kilpatrick, the sadness and interestingness of Culpepper's plight, and that Merriman should be careful with his knee.

    Have to say, though, think it's awesome that Chad Johnson changed his name. Think that people should be called whatever they want to be called. Johnson might be a tool for other reasons, but am all for the ocho-cinco.

    Hope you keep writing about the NFL up here.

  2. Speaking as a dude, I will take a muthafuckas clothes, especially if he has some good shit and rock it as soon as bloody possible so as not to fuck up my best gear. It's like a closet supplement or something.


  3. Mr. C-town Frowns! I want you to know that I really like your blog from what I've seen thus far. Your blog and Dart's are the only ones I follow with any regularity. Forgive me though, the NFL and football in general are new-ish to me. (Well, long story but I was a rebel and tried not to like it for years since my dad made me watch football every Sunday and every Monday for EVERY season...and he's a Raiders fan.) I love the drama of it and just the interaction of all the...personalities though. It's great. So far though, (also to be a rebel perhaps) I think I'm a Chargers fan. I even randomly burst out into their theme song. Sad, I know.

    @Dart- Ew. Even if it was Charles Haley? After working in the business and seeing what regular bitches do to and in their thank you. Then again, I'm a bit of a germaphobe.