Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Musical Musings #2

Heart - Because my music taste is pretty eclectic, and because I am a child of the 80s of feminist inclinations, I must admit that I do like some of their music. I am not ashamed. And I even dig on some Fleetwood Mac too but that's another story entirely. Anyway, I gotta give Heart some PROPS for issuing a cease-and-desist to the Republican Party for using their song "Barracuda" to introduce Sarah Palin at the RNC. I can't even believe as staunchly conservative as she is, Palin would be okay with even using their music...but hey, the GOP seems all about the gimmick these days.

Beck - Um, why does his song "Gamma Ray" sound like a cross between Garage Band loops and the Gidget soundtrack? As a matter of fact, a LOT of his stuff these days sounds like its from that era. What's all that about?

Britney - Man, I have felt sorry for her for a LONG time now but Britney's moms is starting to sound like Em's mom...doing whatever she can to ride off the estranged kid's coat tails. I feel your pain Britney, I really do.

Kim Kardashian - So she's starting a SINGING career. Did Ray-J's jizz impart some musical talent to her? The best part of this news is that she has expressed a desire to work with:
Michael Jackson

BWAHAHAHA! While she's at it, why not have Hendrix on guitar, a duet with Aaliyah, and a guest MC appearance from Big L?
Bitches, man. They be trippin'. Kim, I love you, and I LOVE your ass...but srsly.

Suge - WHAT in GOD'S he thinking these days? How does he not think he's gonna go back to jail for a long ass time with his recent shenanigans. Suge, I shake my head at you. I knew he was crazy, like gangsta he'll cut you and/or kill you, but not like psycho insane crazy.


  1. Kim wants to work with Timbaland? Doing what exactly? Are her brains actually IN her ass? If Kim were I dunno...funny, smart or interesting this would all be moot.

    Britney's mom can get it even though she's batshit insane. The VMA's were a flaming pile of hospital waste and she won eeeeeeeerything...even the Rap categories.


  2. Kim wants Tim to produce some songs off her album or else do some beats for her, I guess. And I think her brains ARE in her ass.

    Eff Britney's mom, hell, BRITNEY can still get it as far as I'm concerned. She could get it when she was a little overweight at the last VMAs, too. The only time I wasn't feeling it was when she did her broke off Sinead O'Connor impersonation.