Wednesday, September 24, 2008


1. Plaxico Burress of the Giants was suspended for violating team rules. But said team rules were not disclosed. HMM. Interesting. I wonder why they won't share? Maybe he needs more hugs?

2. Jamar Nesbit of the Saints suspended because he's a druggie on roids. BWAHAHAHA. (As previously mentioned, someone I don't like is a huge Saints fan, so any bad news for them fills me with unholy glee.) Then again, I feel kind of bad for the dude...only because he's a big guy and maybe he just wanted a little "help" losing weight? I can sympathize with that.

I just WISH I could do this MYSELF. Anyway...I digress, as usual.
3. T.O. and his latest shenanigans. He released a new book on fitness this week talking about how his beverage of choice is water. "Do yourself a favor: don't drink your calories," he writes. "Raise a toast to a refreshing beverage that makes the most sense." Then he signs a deal with Venom, an energy drink, to be their spokesperson. GG, T.O. Good fucking game, you hypocrite.

(I know, I used this one already, but its too epic.)

4. In news on my Chargers, LT scored his first TD this week against the Jets. YAY!

Meanwhile Favre was sucking balls, and the consistently...shall we say, "solid" Philip Rivers out-QB'ed Favre. That made me snicker.

5. Other news that made me snicker was that the Pats got booed FROM THEIR OWN FANS when they lost to the Dolphins. (Sorry Dart, that's just funny.) Looks like Matt Cassel ain't working out so well after all. I bet Tom Brady is kicking himself right now. Repeatedly. I bet Bill Belichick is ripping out his hair too. Serves him right, the sour puss. Or maybe...he doesn't really HAVE HAIR! DUN DUN DUNNNN! *cues suspenseful music*

6. Man, the Raiders, their fans, and apparently their officials are crazy. My family's always been Raiders fans, since we're from around Oaktown and all, but I'm a rebel. The Raiders' representative John Herrera actually got ALL UP in this writer's grill on Monday. It was great. I can't possible sum it up better than the writer himself, Tim Kawakami:

"Oh man, that’s really really interesting to walk into the heart of the Raiders. That’s what happened to me just a little while ago and it was like dropping into Wonderland for few minutes–I could see what the Raiders see, I could feel what the Raiders feel, I was really tapped into the mania.

Man, it was trippy. Head-spinning. Hallucinatory.

Herrera brought me there by angrily confronting me about a question I asked Kiffin. I feel bad for the guy (well for BOTH guys), but Herrera’s the one who closed Kiffin’s Monday news conference by stepping up to me, shouting at me, calling me a liar.

I didn’t get mad. You’ll see the video. I wasn’t mad. I was interested: THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE

It was crazy. It was other-worldly, where normal truths didn’t mean anything. Yep, I feel like I know the Raiders soooo well now.

Here was my question to Kiffin: Given that there are reports (that Kiffin earlier didn’t deny) that Raiders officials have told him he’s going to be fired, given that we all know a Raiders official distribued printed copies of an article critical of Kiffin, given that Kiffin came to today’s news conference without a single item of Raiders garb…

… How isolated does Kiffin feel in this organization?

(I know, a long question. But Kiffin was there with me on it. He understood.)"

And that's when John Herrera lost it. Check this shit out.

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