Saturday, September 13, 2008

Internet Lulz #3

Since I'll officially be starting school on Monday, I figured it was appropriate to post up some internet lulz I found regaring school, or rather, schoolwork.

1. Biology + Turtles = TMNT!

Dude. This answer is so beyond epic, I think its power levels are over 9k. Not to mention the guy seems to have some small artistic ability, and props to the teacher for actually saying he/she loved it.

2. Chemistry = Adultery

I thought this was hilarious, personally. Although I'd really like to know how old the student was, and also what specifically the teacher thought. "Oh dear" just doesn't seem to cover it adequately.

3. Geometry & Elephants

I don't know why this is so absolutely fucking funny to me, but it is. Why an elephant? And why that answer? What the effort at even trying to solve the problem?

4. Algebra causes suicide

As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, despite being - #1. Asian, #2. a person with glasses, nonetheless, I am NOT good at math, and I detest it. The days where I had to take math classes are long over, thank God, but I still remember them with pain. There were plenty of times I felt this way. Shit, sometimes balancing my checkbook makes me feel this way, for that matter.

5. Biology/Genetics = lolwut

And the response to this answer is...lolwut? I mean, wtf does the student mean check to see if it had a vagina? Kids these days.

6. Chemistry + Comic books = Win

Best. Solution. Ever.

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  1. Damn. That was almost as good as that kid's off the wall college essay that would only get him either enrolled at the South Harmon Institute Of Technology or Second City/The Groundlings. I'll try to see if I can find it anywhere.