Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Brother is STILL Watching YOU. Recognize.

RFID chips = the mark of the DEVIL~!!!!!11111!!!! For a brief background: RFID chips were first planned to be used by Wal-Marx in 2003. I'm not good enough at math or science to describe what they are and how they work, only good enough to understand the concepts. So if you're interested (and you should be) then check out the Wikipedia entry on RFID chips.

A few years ago in my Performance Activism class my final project was on Wal-Marx and its usage of RFID chips. I wrote a paper and staged a guerrilla activist performance at a local Wal-Mart, but what I noticed at that time is the people that shop at Wal-Marx don't actually give two shits about the privacy concerns usage of the RFID raises. They just want their shit .40 cheaper than anywhere else.

Now, at the time Wal-Marx stated they'd only be using the chips for inventory purposes, but my research discovered that when the technology went up for sale, the two biggest buyers were the American military, namely the DoD, and, yes, Wal-Marx. Honestly the deal is, ALLEGEDLY, SUPPOSEDLY, HYPOTHETICALLY, all types of law enforcement agencies or even private security companies will be able to track where you've been, where you're going, (they're in all newer Passports now, too, in 14 countries so far, almost all 14 first world countries at that, INCLUDING the US), and what you own. The radio signals transmitted by the chips can be received from a central computer...somewhere.

If you think that all this conspiracy shit is far from you, you'd better think again. Washable RFID chips have been created to be implanted into clothing. The European bank was considering putting them into actual bank bills. (No idea if that was implemented or not.) If you ain't a little skurred yet, consider this. What happens when a store you buy clothes from links your clothing's RFID tags with the credit card you used at purchase, and then when you return to the store, they recognize you AND all your information. And the crazy shit in Minority Report at the market isn't out of the question can be shown ads specifically to target you and your spending habits at the market, or sent spam emails, or sent spam texts to your phone. Now if you're STILL unconcerned, then if you live in New York, you'd better be downright paranoid. All the new NY IDs and DLs have the chips in them.

I think the worst part is, yeah, sure, the RFID chip makes law enforcement, inventory tracking, etc, easy as hell and inevitably cuts costs...but what about the fact that German hackers were able to clone RFID chips as of 2 years ago? And just this year it was discovered that two different security teams were able crack the encryption on a brand of RFID chips...of which there are a billion or so in circulation. A good portion of these billion RFID chips actually form the basis of a national payment system in the Netherlands. Okay, so you think that the Netherlands is far away from you and doesn't affect you at all...but they are a founding member of the EU and NATO, and is the home of the UN's International Court of Justice, and the International Criminal Court.

As you can tell I'm not a fan of the Wal-Marx for a variety of reasons. The way they were treating their employees with practically sweat shop conditions, the RFID chips, the corporate greed...the list goes on. And in spite of the fact that I was a fan of the X-files for MANY years, I don't ascribe to the conspiracy theory mentality in everything...nor do I think the guv'mint is out to get ME per se...but I am a little scared as to what sort of policies have been implemented, and what more could be implemented if we have another President in office that cares as little for people's privacy as the current one does.


  1. You can say that again. It kills me that people don't real do the knowledge as to what's really going on. By the way, that movement to put tracking chips in your children is really gaining steam in the same areas that Banksy hit up and Wal Marx are king. Coincidence?


  2. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!


    *cues suspenseful music, something akin to the Twilight Zone theme song and the intro to the X-files*