Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures in Higher Learning

As anyone might be able to tell, this week has been a very angry one for me. But it's totally okay because I just found out:

I mean, if Jesus was down with it, it MUST be ok.

Anyway, so I had my first class on Monday. I'm not sure I'll last the semester. First of all, there's this girl in my class who I CANNOT FUCKING STAND. She's one of those people who really isn't that smart, slacks off, copies off of everyone else, and yet acts like she's FAR superior to everyone else in the class. Furthermore, she pulls the race card whenever possible. In fact, in almost every class she's in, from what I understand, she writes all her papers and journals about how the man is holding her down, and how she's a member of an indigenous society being oppressed by the white man, even in an academic institution. And don't mistake her for Mexican, she's not Mexican, even though her people came from Mexico, that's a name given to her people from the white man. She's CHICANA. Now, I don't have an issue with what people want to call themselves. I don't want to be called Oriental. But I don't care if someone who just doesn't know better calls me Oriental. She cares. She will also give you a scathing 30 minute lecture about how you're feeding into the white man's racist ways. Furthermore, you damn well better pronounce her name correctly...its CAROLINA, and you MUST roll the R. My professor can't roll her Rs so she had to APOLOGIZE to this girl because she couldn't pronounce her name the way it should be.

To make everything worse, every one of the professors in this program is white. So they can't actually say anything to her without being accused of being racist and oppressing her. One student actually protested her actions and this girl went to the program director and said she was going to report the incident to the school board unless he did something about it and forced the student to make a formal apology. It pisses me off that this girl is going to get a graduate degree after doing almost NO work...and only complaining.

I digress. The good thing is that thankfully I know a few cool people in the class, but the bad thing is that the class is only 11 people including me. Which just means that anyone that annoys you is going to have their annoyance factor increased tenfold (at least) because of your constant close association with them. There's another man in the class who has a difficult to pronounce name, and the professor struggled over it, it was like 4 syllables and started with Mont- something. He said he would take it easier on her and have her go with the European pronunciation. She stared at him blankly, so I said, "What, Monty?" He glared at me. I was a little confused so I said, "So...not Monty?" He didn't even LOOK in my direction the rest of class or acknowledge my presence on this earth. Sheesh. He also is the type of person who asks totally irrelevant questions. The professor herself was a bit thrown off about 3 times because she was struggling to understand how his totally random questions pertained to the lecture.

My overly aggressive and violence-oriented nature might not survive the whole semester without a homicide or my own suicide. Seriously.


  1. Now I'm SURE you understand why I made you X-23, right? LOL.


  2. I LOL'ed my ass off when I FIRST read this comment on my phone. I then thought about it 2 more times and LOL'ed my ass off both times then, too. One of those times I actually had food in my mouth. I almost spit it out, which would have been a SERIOUS crime. For which I would have blamed you.