Saturday, August 2, 2008

RL Lulz

Because I got lazy today, and plus my mom came over to see my new apt [read: UGH] I don't feel like writing anything thought provoking or anything that made me mad. Shockingly other than my mom being herself, nothing really bothered me today. Hurray!

And so I share with the interwebs some RL lulz.

I saw that on a billboard the other day and that shit made me DIE as I drove by. His face clearly says, "I are not amused." That face is also my favorite emoticon EVAR on the additional iChat emoticons you can download.

Dude. Seriously, if my TV ever goes out, I am totally taking it to LEET TV Service in Burbank. Like, how much awesomesauce is in the name LEET TV Service? That's pretty much better than saying "Amazing/Premium/Best TV Service." Amirite?

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