Sunday, August 31, 2008

Owned! Part 2...

Silly females.

There seems to be a proliferation of them (silly females, that is) on the internets. And what with the rise of popularity in the Fox marketing machine that is Myspace, now there are more camwhores than ever. Women in general are attention whores, we all are to a certain extent. But it really amazes me the kind of pics girls post online that they think are worthy.

Caption: Hi, I'm taking this picture of me in my car with the window open, so I can artfully have my hair blowing in the wind. She's cute, but the way she's got her head tilted it looks like she's got a REALLY big face.

I'm a fan of coloring your hair, and blue is the one color I haven't dyed my hair yet. But I wonder if her hair is blue to detract from how much GUM you can see in her mouth. I think I've decided too much teeth is better than too much gum.

AHHHHHHH! *runs away*

Um, was this picture taken 20 years ago? The sideways pontytail isn't cute anymore unless you're in elementary school or in the 80s. And the hardcore sucking in of your stomach isn't flattering looking either...and seems to be a bit painful, or constipation inducing. She should have leaned forward and pushed her tits together for some cleavage to distract from the belly area.

I include this retard in this group of pictures because, well, he fits in since its clear he's a BITCH. Wtf with the stupid face and the artsy framing of your picture to further emphasize your supposed muscles, you narcissistic fuck?

I shake my head at all of you.

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  1. first pic, she could be pretty, but I don't get with the non-artsy people trying to be artsy. She looks like her shoulders were dislocated and kind of trying to ask for help but is slightly embarrassed to do so.

    Second, OK that's worse than bad anime cosplay. End of story. (and we all know bad anime cosplay is just painful)

    Third. I'm gonna let that one go. I mean come on. She's taking the picture in what...her bathroom?
    Most people camwhore that way.

    Fourth, late 30s trying to convince themself they're still early 20s. She would probably be pretty attractive if she didn't try to be much younger than she is. And stop trying to create boobs on your own. The cups ain't getting bigger because you push your chest forward.

    Fifth. Goddamn photochoppers. His attitude is such a big turn off that not even a whole bottle of viagra would help.