Saturday, August 23, 2008

Owned! Part 1...

So, there's this new app on Facebook where you can upload your pics, and people "buy" them, called Owned. I was debating on whether or not I would do this for a while, but its funny to me the types of pictures people put up. ESPECIALLY girls who think they're hot in some way. I know it's mean, but hey, as I've already established I'm driving the party bus down to hell, so I might as well get my kicks here while I can.

I love the white trash meets Renaissance Faire look. And I could NOT believe this chick is only 3 years older than me, she looks more like TEN years older. That's what hard livin' does to you I guess. This probably was not the best outfit to choose when she doesn't have enough tits to really come out of her top properly, and the skirt and corset combo is a wee bit too tight, resulting in A LOT of not cute looking muffin top. Ouch. (And I am a fan of muffin top, too, so you know it's bad.)

Let it be known that I have NOTHING at all against big girls. I myself am a bigger boned female. However...I would just like to say that perhaps those pants were, shall we say, unfortunate, not to mention...the MASSIVE blur effect and soft lighting, as well as the fan to make the hair blow back. Wow. That's soooo...80s. Why do people, especially women, think this makes them look better? Its so cheap and makes everything worse. I hope this girl sees this because she needs to come talk to me. I'd hook her up in something more flattering and less...overdone.

I was scared when I saw this picture. The makeup, well, its just reminiscent of...clowns. The chola look is NOT an attractive one, and I thought wasn't being done much least not in LA. I will say she looks damned good for her age of 38 though.

I'll end on a good note. This picture, is fucking awesome. Who doesn't love chicks with guns?

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  1. If that girl pointed that gun at me I guess I'd have to take her word for matter how large her "clit" is.