Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NFL DRAWMUH~!...and Madden '09

So I've been following the whole Brett Favre drama somewhat, and boy, is it comedy. I mean, who knows if the Packers were jerkoffs, but you can be sure that Favre pulled a bullshit ass move by coming back out of retirement and then demanding to be the starting quarterback. Cord fed white boy has some balls. I don't really care one way or another because I don't care about Favre and I don't care about the Packers, although I do KIND of wonder how it might have been with Favre as starting QB for them with an uninjured Adrian Peterson. *shrugs*

Anyway, so today I went to get Madden '09 for my manz because he had to work late, and didn't want to miss the opportunity to get it today...and believe you me, I KNOW how that feels for sure because I do so love video games. A few comments on it so far.


Here's the cover. And yes, that's your boy Brett Favre....in a Packers uniform...and he's now playing for the Jets. Lulz. Ah, the Madden curse! One can only hope it strikes him down, douche that he's been. And doesn't the look on his face look like he's thinking, "HO NOOOOOES INCOMINGGGGG SACK!"

#2. The Soundtrack
I know that Madden usually does well in terms of choices of songs, and have shot some bands into stardom just for being on the soundtrack alone...but...what I've heard in the last hour has not been promising.

Young Dre + Good Charlotte = FAIL

Horrible, horrible, collaboration. One question...WHY??

Franz Ferdinand's song = Meh
I've heard better shit by them.

Busta Rhymes + Linkin Park = SURPRISE WIN!
Who knew, right? I sure as fuck didn't...Busta is hot or cold for me and I don't like Linkin Park AT ALL. They're WAY too /emocuts for me.

Under Oath = EPIC EPIC FAIL!

Do we not have enough random white boys in a band screaming their lungs out?


His song is called "Wax On, Wax Off". Okay. Really? REALLY?? Who picks these fucking songs?? Is this the future of hip hop? *kills self*

It's not looking good. It's got to be pretty effin' bad when the best song I've heard thus far has Linkin Park in it. *shudders*

#3. Sound FX

Oh, and Sean Jones sounds like he's taking a MASSIVE dump when he's doing the bench press. That is all.


  1. Oh, Diora. Wait until you read my Madden 09 rant tomorrow afternoon. My brother's been swearing at the TY and the PS3 nonstop ever since he got home with it 5 hours ago. It's now past 11:00 PM and homie has finally decided to hang it up for the night.

    He doesn't look happy with the whole Madden IQ testing or the Action cam and the different controls. No ma'am, not one bit.


  2. Yeah, the manz was telling me that he's not amused with the Madden IQ testing either.

    I'm anxious to see your rant and compare notes. Heh.