Friday, August 8, 2008

Interweb Lulz

Being the interweb nerd I am...I find many an amazingly hilarious thing online, or have friends who find them and show them to me. So, today, in an effort to brighten my shitty mood lately...the interweb lulz.

Craigslist. I've used it for jobs, I've used it to hire people, and I've used it as genuine classifieds. However, I never actually perused the "Best Of" on the site, in fact, I barely remembered it existed, until a few links were sent to me via IM. I thought they were so great I even screen shot them. [And yeah, now the whole world can see my Safari bookmarks bar, and know what a geek I am, yeesh]

I'm not sure if this one's for real or not...but people be crazy in either case.

I have 2 reactions to this, "OH SNAP!" and "DAMNNNNNNN GINA!"

Who cares that the bottom is cut off...this kitten is OVERRRRR NIIIIIINE THOOOOOOUUUUSAAAAAND because it can take on CHUCK NORRIS! What's really funny about this is that I skimmed through the whole ad, and my eyes stopped when I saw the words: Chuck Norris.

Now, I was talking to my girl Gen about this, right, and she told me that her eyes stopped at Chuck Norris too [sidenote, if that isn't <3 I dunno what is]...and THEN she showed me THIS:

The best of all the Chuck Norris facts compiled in ONE PLACE. Most. Awesome. Book. EVAR. Check out some of the samples on Amazon.

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