Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heep Hop...Y U Makez Me Crai?

What's sad is that as I've lately been decrying the sad, sad plight of hip hop music, I nonetheless always have faith that something good will eventually show up. And yet, why is it that every time I turn on the god damned radio these days, when NPR is playing commercials, every other station is playing a song by Rihanna, Chris Brown, or featuring Akon or T-Pain? I think its time we put these 4 artists in the moratorium. Is this really all hip hop has to offer the mainstream crowd?

But, my faith seems to have won out. As I was sitting at work today, listening to Pandora, I stumbled upon some songs and artists that seemed to be hip hop oriented, and were right up my alley...good music, good lyrics, THINKING type music.

"Never Hit the Ground" - Diego's Umbrella
"Mega Men" - Faded Chroniclez
"Jungle" - Hydrophonix
"We Fall, We Fall" - Dead Celebrity Status
"The Corner" - Galactic

I tried searching for these artists online and couldn't seem to find any downloads. *insert sadface here* Of course my cheap Asian ass (and broke, too) wants to DL the ish for free because I'm trying to make a dollar out of .15 these days. I should try harder or at least put out some cash.

Also, what else makes me cry is the shenanigans that K-Ci has pulled over the last few days in Australia. First not even CARING that your brother is basically having a seizure...then blaming it on Bill Gates? A sad, sad state of affairs.

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  1. Heh, scary that I'd find the same songs today. O.O