Friday, August 22, 2008

Fuck Disney, and Miley Cyrus, too.

I've lagged in my posts and I feel bad because I'm kinda not fulfilling my promise to myself that I'd write something new in this blog every day. But I guess it's not too bad when you consider that this week has been the week from hell.

Anyhow, today in the morning I heard on the news that its Miley Cyrus' 16th birthday in November, and she's going to have her birthday party at Disneyland! Wheee! Furthermore, she's closing it down for the day...and she's selling tickets to the event, at $250 each.

Hmm, today's Give-A-Fuck-O-Meter's reading seems to be very low concerning this news. And calling it "news" is actually really LOLworthy...because WHY IS THIS CONSIDERED NEWS?? Who fucking cares if she's shutting down Disneyland, and who cares its her birthday other than packs of rabid teenaged girls? I sure don't care about any of her birthdays except the important one declaring she's no longer jailbait.

And fuck you to Disney for allowing these kinds of shenanigans to go on...then again, they've already proved on many an occasion that they're into the C.R.E.A.M. mentality and don't give a fuck about anything other than making money. They didn't even deny the human rights activists claims of all the horrendous mistreatment and abuse of their employees overseas, nor did they even try to deny that they've violated their own Code of Conduct, and willfully broke employment laws, and fired any employees who protested their treatment. And so, I present this cartoon with some malicious relish, because Disney isn't about cuteness, about innocence, and they're certainly NOT about the children.


  1. I also wonder how come Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have somehow become "newsworthy" and ended up on shit like Oprah on MTV (Viacom is Satan's uncle). I also hate how they're keeping 21-25 year olds playing teenage roles even though they're CLEARLY not 16.

    I'm mostly upset because they keep on delaying the inevitable...the day Brenda Song finally does her Maxim spread.



  2. You know what's funny is, I keep seeing things about the Jonas Brothers on random news sites but never click on them because I figure they can't be newsworthy to ME since I don't hear anything about them on NPR. And yes, Viacom is Satan's uncle. Clear Channel is Satan's nephew.

    But really, everyone in Hollywood keeps actors in their 20s in teen roles...I mean, no one on all those popular teen shows is actually a teenager...I mean, shit no one on 90210 was back in the day, and fuck if I believed they looked like they were in high school.