Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eff You, Bill Gates. Eff You.

Yeah so my laptop has been out of commission because I upgraded to Leopard on Saturday...which was all fine, everything was okay, and then installed Boot Camp and partitioned my new internal hard drive so I'd be able to install Windows. Okay, everything fine.

I inserted the Windows XP disc (Yeah, right...not falling for the Vista mistake, and anyway who needs Vista when you have OSX, you copy cat, Bill!) and waited. And waited. And waited. The manz told me it took a while, so I waited some more. Finally I ejected the disc and realized it wasn't going to work...even though the SAME disc already worked for 2 other people.

When I told the manz what happened, I said, "Fuck you Windows, I HATE you!" he responded with, "I'm pretty sure it hates you, too." Then he came back with the smartass remark, "That's what you get when you mix Apples...AND ORANGES!"


Har har har.

For that, I have my Dioracat is not amused face. (As coined by Karite! HAIIII KARITE!)


  1. It's like I always say:

    Dart don't do Windows © Dart Adams


  2. Yeah, I'm only doing Windows because fucking Warhammer isn't releasing a Mac version. Bastards. So I had to upgrade to Leopard and install Boot Camp. Oh well.