Tuesday, July 29, 2008


OMFG Earthquake in the LA area...well, Chino Hills, specifically. I had two thoughts on this, one...wtf, Chino Hills, finally they make the news, what of any consequence ever happens out there? Two, oh man, news fodder.

So I have some thoughts on earthquakes. One, something I read earlier this year saying that after an earthquake in Israel earlier this year, Shlomo Benrizi, of the Orthodox Jew party, had this to say about the cause of earthquakes: “the recent earthquake was the result of the homosexual activity practiced in the country". Wow, religion and science clearly don't mix...I hadn't heard that the virus called "the gay" permeated the earth's tectonic plates. Then again, maybe I don't know shit because I'm not a crazy religious extremist.

Second, why are people so retarded about natural disasters? I mean a friend of mine said he was out picking up lunch for his office when the quake hit, and he was rewarded with a phenomenal display of idiocy of your average sheep. Apparently as he drove by this one house, this guy came flying out of his front door, clad in nothing but a towel and shaving cream all over his face. Don't they tell you the worst thing you can do in a quake is to go OUTSIDE? Stupid ass.

On the news, its even worse. I think its been agreed that all news reporters do a quick IQ survey of all the people they could interview when they're out in the field, and pick the people with the absolute LOWEST ones to talk to. This one man apparently was SO SCARED that he reported "OMG the aftershocks are still making the water in my pool move!!!" Another man said in a panicked voice, when asked if he sustained property damage, "Well...it was so crazy, a lamp on a desk fell, and and and all the CABINETS ARE OPEN!" HO NOES THE CABINET CONTENTS COULD BE ON THE FLOOR!

Even better are the completely inane questions people asked at a press conference that is being held at Caltech. This poor, poor woman by the name of Kate Hutton deserves some mad props for fielding these questions. After answering multiple questions...all the SAME questions, no less...I guess she had come to the last straw. Some idiot guy asked her AGAIN "When will we know more about the quake? When can we get more information?" Her reply? "Oh, I don't know, I guess it depends on how long I have to stand here though..." You GO girl. Strangely enough after that, they let her go. Heh.


  1. Humans are funny. When stuff goes wrong with 85% of them all logic leaves them and they go batshit insane and lose all of their capacity to remain calm and use common sense. When I was in Cali I could see brushfires blazin off in the distance and I'm like "is that normal?" and everyone around me was like "it happens all the time!". I was in shock because there was no way to jaywalk...I'm not used to crossing at the crosswalk. That's what square do in Boston. I damn near died in Anaheim twice.


  2. I remember you told me that shit...that was hilarious. People don't give a fuck out here, they will straight up run your ass over.

    I actually am a good driver (I love driving and cars) but you should see the expression on people's faces when I slow down to stop at a light and they see me driving. They straight up do a double take and walk faster...because they assume me being an Asian female means I'm about to bust with some Asian female driving shenanigans.