Saturday, July 26, 2008

O Ye Single Men of the World...

I pity you. Truly. I just saw this when I stopped at a light and just had to contribute to the Asian female driving shenanigans by taking a picture.

So why do I pity single men? Take a good look at the yellow sign. One day, you'll meet a girl you feel is worthy of spending the rest of your life with. You'll propose. She'll accept. Then like a bad horror movie, she turns into Bridezilla and demands you come with her to...


*shudders* *pukes*

A whole gathering of crazy bitches all focused on one thing...the LA Convention Center teeming with estrogen raging out of control. Ah well, guess it makes up for Erotica LA being there.


  1. The only thing worse that being a dude getting dragged to a bridal expo is being one of those dudes that would hang around one of those type of functions with the intention of meeting women that are ready to "settle down".

    *Shudders at thought*


  2. ...

    In the words of Weezer, I beg you...Say It Ain't So.

    I can't even believe there are men out there that would do such a thing. Clearly the desperation outweighs any other logical thoughts.

    The extent that men will go for pussy is amazing at times.