Monday, July 21, 2008

Musings on the can

Musings on the can:

Yes, these really are my deep thoughts of the day while sitting on the throne. Its better to write something instead of being subjected to Reader's Digest and women's magazines. I've also decided REALLY this time, that you don't always have to write long posts.

Probiotics - them shits work...ha, literally. I've been drinking this juice full of 'em for the last week and wow, they really fix your digestive system right up!

The Dark Knight - two things here, am I less of a Batman fan because I didn't go to see it opening weekend due to my agoraphobia? And also, STOP ASKING ME IF I'VE SEEN IT YET! Oh, one more thing. As if I wasn't already driving the partybus to hell in the afterlife, I totally LOL'ed at a co-workers joke about Heath Ledger's cause of death. When he read the list of drugs in the accidental overdose, he says, "Pfft...pussy."
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