Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Brother is watching...YOU

Check out this little news tidbit I read:

Without even a relevant rule in place, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is apparently about to assert the authority to dictate how a private broadband company exercises control over its network. Even if the FCC believes it could have such government control it should forebear in this case, says the Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) regarding reports that the Commission is about to take action on Comcast's network management practices. "Those who favor government control of technology, and our lives, notched a significant victory - they have finally managed to gain the beginnings of real regulatory control over the Internet," said Bartlett Cleland, director of the IPI Center for Technology Freedom. "Certainly this will be part of the legacy of the Bush administration -- the administration that had government seize control of and regulate the Internet," said Cleland.

My .02:

People's stupidty and lack of foresight never fails to astound me. How the hell did this dumbass Bartlett Cleland ever become the director of any organization? ESPECIALLY with a name like Bartlett Cleland for that matter? And does anyone else find it ironic that he just so happens to the director of the IPI Center for Technology Freedom, and yet he's sucking Bush administration cock for being the first to gain control of "technology...and our lives...and the internet"? How does that make any fucking sense?

Don't get me wrong, I know on the east coast pretty much everyone and their mother fucking hates Comcast (sorry Razzy, I still 2.9 you) but the fact that the FCC is just blithely deciding they're just going to take over, and no one seems to be protesting this move, well, frankly I find it disturbing. More disturbing even than Darth finds your lack of faith.

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