Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back Stabbers: Et tu, Brute?

Backstabbing's been around for as long as human beings have had greed...so essentially since humankind's inception. Certainly existed in the Roman empire, which was the downfall of Julius Caesar. Interestingly enough I myself have seen quite a few betrayals and stabs in the back, consecutively in the last month or so. Can't seem to recover quick enough before a new wound is made. Thankfully for me, I heal quick. I happened to browse a site when I was thinking about writing this, and saw this, and I damn near peed my pants.

And what with all the backstabbing going on lately, its no wonder that coincidentally I heard the O Jays "Back Stabbers"...

"They smile in your face
All the time they wanna take your place
The back stabbers...back stabbers!"

And the Junior Mafia "cover" in the same week, on my iPod in the car. The O Jays song is a classic, but I think I have to say I like the Junior Mafia one better, only because it seems to relate to me a little more, since its Lil' Kim talking about bitches backstabbing other bitches. It's like...their favorite pasttime.

This is why I gotta stick to my vow of not making friends with bitches. They'll stab you in the back in the quickness for the stupidest shit. At least with dudes, you know if they stab you in the back its for money or pussy. Its straight up type shit. Maybe that's the reason why my back's been hurting even more lately. Gotta remove all them daggers.

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