Monday, July 16, 2007

Are You Mad?

So random musings, I wondered if anyone ever noticed that my blog titles are almost always names of songs. And of hip hop/r&b songs at that. If I were to bet some cash monies on it, I'd say there are probably only two people who read my blog on the regular who have picked up on this...YES I AM TALKIN' BOUT YOU, CJ AND ADAM!

Anywho, so it's been brought to my attention that I need to talk about some uplifting shit like, the holes in the hozone or some shit. So I've got a few cool updates to this blog that aren't quite as "I'm a god damned minority female and I AM ANGRY!!! RAWR!"

Basically, my boy CJ put me up on this blog, which can also be found on the address of I read that shit and was like "Okay, these dudes are high-larious, not to mention the fact that, as CJ said, the shit they talk about is only shit that people our age that are SERIOUS hip hop heads would talk or think about." So after reading through several posts, I decided to hit up the main head over there on a whim and ask if I could write for them. Admittedly I am NOT the absolute most knowledgable person I know on hip hop, but I do know a lot about, grew up around it, and have been given props by a lot of other hip hop fans that I DO know my shit. Not to mention that I like to write and feel like I've got some half-coherent and articulate things to say.

Lo and behold, they said they'd consider me. They prolly don't realize it but I was pretty fuckin' ecstatic about it. Furthermore I am planning on doing quite a bit of writing in the near and immediate future, so this will just help me even more get those creative juices flowing.

As far as the other writing is concerned, I got big plans and ideas for some shit I wanna kick off this year...which hopefully means I'll be going from a HUNGRY, unknown angry minority female to a more well known, angry minority female! bell hooks would be proud. On second thought, no she wouldn't...most of the shit I say probably goes against everything she believes in, but hey, fuck it.


  1. Finally! Something that made me smile for a change! I'd say more but I'm in Philly as you know and on my phone. Still checked your blog, though! Good luck contributing to dumpindumpin and hopefully that'll mean more "happy" entries.

  2. You know what you need? Are smoe pics of you as the angry minority woman. yeap. I'll figure something out. I want to do some more photo shoots, I need to think on what they would be of though. Get on that, would you!