Sunday, February 25, 2007

OH EM GEE lrn2notspeak1337!

Okay. So. One of the things that I realized I seem to be having issues with lately, is talking like a normal person. I don't why that is, it just is. Now when I say "normal person", I mean someone that is not a gamer or does not play World of Warcraft. I've always sort of used gamer talk in real life, (ooh, see, right there I almost just typed IRL instead, ugh) but lately I've noticed it is getting REALLY BAD.

So...what am I doing that's so damned lame? Here's a list.

1. I always pronounce all the acronyms fully as if they were real words. LOL = lawl, ROFL = roffle, OMG = ohemgee, IMO = eye em oh, and I say "IRL" to mean what it means or just to mean life outside of WoW. (Oh God, today my roommate told me she wanted to go out and I said, "Wait, in game or IRL?" And yes, I did have genuine confusion as to what she meant.)

2. A lot of the time it actually IRKS me that I have to speak normally. When I'm being really stupid I just wonder to myself, "God, why can't this person play WoW then they would know what I was talking about!!"

3. Instead of saying something is cool or interesting or even awesome, I use the word "epic". Or "uber". Oh yeah, and I ALSO say "lrn2 'insert whatever said person needs to learn to do here'." Yes, I REALLY do. I also do the "orly/yarly/nowai" thing a lot, even though when you actually pronounce the words out loud it sounds like regular English. But in my MIND I see the text as its written.

This is has been happening for some time, but its been getting REALLY bad lately. The worst part is coming home after work and talking to all my friends on Vent and being able to talk like this, and actually being RELIEVED that someone knows what I'm talking about and understands me. Jesus Christ I'm lame. And yes, I've already realized I'm taking the whole RPG thing WAY too seriously. And furthermore that I'm becoming overly involved in the world of Warcraft as opposed to the REAL world. Can I help it if I like the former better?

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